The proper functioning of computers and related equipment is essential for the smooth running of every company, and experience dictates the continuous support and maintenance of hardware or software. In addition, the development of this equipment itself is very fast and requires constant updating and protection.
Our experts perform warranted and out of warranty maintenance and servicing of computer equipment according to the standards and conditions prescribed and recognized by the largest names of computer and office equipment. For all equipment within the warranty period, we provide repair with original spare parts, which is prescribed or guaranteed by the manufacturer.
With computer maintenance we have been dealing for more than 20 years, this is our primary branch and we are the most powerful in it.



Network solutions are of utmost importance to the company. They enable communication with customers as well as within the company. We offer you quality networking solutions. Among our references are: Mercator d.d, Perutnina Pivka, Kmečki Glas, ZVKDS and other famous companies. We are veterans of telecommunications.

We offer you high-quality solutions in the following areas:

  • local networks,
  • spacious computer networks,
  • wireless local area network (computer) networks,
  • security in data transmission networks,
  • content-based traffic management systems,
  • control and management systems.

If you are a larger company, or a company that wants to throw everything with you, we offer you a server setup. We customize the operating system, and you can choose between Linux Servers (cheaper and more popular) and Windows servers (presumably more expensive). Server use is multidisciplinary. After the server is set up, you can decide whether to maintain it yourself or us. Servers can be used for:

  • hosting web pages (domains),
  • for domain-specific emails,
  • for data servers,
  • As a firewall to protect your internal network,
  • and much more!


Today, a website is a key presentation of the company. If the company does not have its own website, or if it is outdated, it can be a fatal matter for the company. We are webmaster manufacturers. We make them as CMS platforms (WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla), or programmed to your liking. Once you’ve created a web site, you can decide whether you will maintain it yourself or you. Among our made websites include: